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SF 9000:16X25 & SF 9000:20X25 *DISCONTINUED*


Our ALL IN ONE systems address all factors identified by the Center for Disease Control analysis in one affordable package.
Our 9000 Series Models feature UV treated media (Merv 10) that allows our high output UV Lamps and PCO modules to be presented directly on the media pleat surfaces.
Power requirement 120v plug in 
Lamp Replacement schedule 2 years
Filter change schedule every 6 months

Multiple lamp configurations are also available via custom order for stronger germicidal and odor control needs.

Second Wind Air Purifiers use ultraviolet germicidal light and a patented photo catalytic process to disinfect mold, bacteria, infectious disease and decrease volatile organic compounds in your indoor environment.

SF 9000:16X25
Replacement Lamp      SF 1082R
Replacement Ballast    SF 1060E-R
Replacement Filter      SF 9001-16R
Lamp Size                  14" 

SF 9000:20x25
Replacement Lamp      SF 1076R
Replacement Ballast     SF 1060E-R
Replacement Filter       SF-9001R
Lamp Size                   18"