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While the earth`s population continues to grow at record rates, the overall amount of water on the earth has not changed for over 2 billion years. Clearly, water is not a limitless resource, yet the demand for water steadily grows. Conserving water is not only essential to our wellbeing, but also has financial benefits. Water rates in Canada rose 58% over a 5 year period ending in 2007, a trend that continues. Installing the Water Savor™  is a great way to reduce water waste and save money , without changing your lifestyle or comfort!

Your new WaterSavorautomatically powers on when there is a call for humidity, limiting the amount of water delivered to the Vapor Pad®. The  Vapor Pad® is still adequately moistened to provide humidity, yet less water goes through the pad to be released down the drain. Six settings allow you to adjust the controls for maximum water savings without affecting humidifier output. Tested humidifiers using the WaterSavor™ resulted in a minimum of 50% reduction of water draining from the humidifier, and up to 96% with customized settings.


Easy to install with current or new humidifier installations.

Fits any bypass, flow through model.

6 Settings allow maximum water savings without reducing humidifier output (see instructions).

Save a minimum 50% of water draining from your humidifier!

Install with any model/brand bypass, flow through humidifier.(Wire not included)

**Results are based on 20 minutes per hour, during a 5-month heating season.  Savings may vary greatly based on humidifier model, settings, humidifier season duration and more.

 Do you have a bypass, flow through humidifier? No matter the humidifier brand, the WaterSavor™ will work to reduce water waste, save you money and preserve the environment. 
Install a GeneralAire® WaterSavor™ today and Breathe Healthier