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SF 2124C

Like a soft gentle breeze, the Zephyr combines UVC  germicidal ultraviolet light with photo-catalytic oxidation to provide safe and clean air.

Second Wind is pleased to offer the SF 1082 SIPT, a lamp that introduces safe levels of singlet oxygen to indoor air. This option provides a characteristic smell when removing odors in unison with the PCO module. It can be ordered for existing installations or new purchases as an add on option. 

Second Wind Air Purifiers use ultraviolet germicidal light and a patented photo catalytic process to disinfect mold, bacteria, infectious disease and decrease volatile organic compounds in your indoor environment.
Power requirement 24 v
Suitable for homes up to 4000 sq feet
Replacement Lamp       SF 1082LR-TC
Replacement Ballast      SF 010303
Lamp size                     14"
Lamp replacement schedule every 2 years